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Israeli Gas Masks is your online shopping source for not only Israeli Military M-15 gas masks and filters, but Israeli civilian-issued gas masks for both adults and children. We strive to be a personal protection authority, building a comprehensive product line, offering a compelling, focused assortment of Israeli IDF military gas masks; Israeli civilian gas masks for adults and children; gas mask filters; NBC suits; parts & accessories; as well as other personal protection and emergency preparedness products from Israel, the United States and other countries.

We specialize in Israeli gasmasks and filters, but in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) situation, gas masks - depending upon the style - provide protection for the respiratory system and eyes. We sell gas masks, NATO gas mask filters, chemical suits or NBC suits, rubber chemical-resistant boots and gloves, and more. Protection for the entire body - not just the eyes and lungs.

Are you looking for an Israeli gas mask, or a SEA Scott NIOSH-approved full-face respirator? How about a U.S. Military NBC protective suit?

Do you have children? Then our gas masks designed especially for a child or youth is available. And don't forget your pets - we have a shelter with an NBC filter designed specifically for animals.

40mm thread gas mask filters, 60mm filters, Type 80 canisters, and gas mask filter adapters can all be found at Steel military helmets, quick-DOFF chemical hoods, chemical agent detector kits or gas mask hoods - whatever you are looking for, chances are we have it. If you don't see an item you're interested in on our web site, please contact us - we may have it available but not yet updated our online inventory.

Israeli Military Surplus 40mm NBC Gas Mask Filter - Type 80 Canister IDF M-15 Gas Mask Avian Flu Kit
Israeli IDF Army Military M-15 Gas Mask
Our Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $114.95
Save $15.00!
Respro Bardas Child Safe Protective Gas Mask Hood. The Respro is a positive-pressure protective hood system Israeli Issued Model No. 4 2nd Generation Civilian Gas Mask Israeli Youth Civilian Gas Mask with Drinking Hose & Filter
Israeli Civilian Adult Gas Mask
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $59.95
Save $30.00!
Israeli Army Zahal NBC Chemical Protective Set SMARTAF Baby / Infant Protective Wrap Gas Mask Israeli 40mm Gas Mask Hose

Today's Super Deal!

Israeli Z56 Gas Mask and Filter

Our Price: $159.95
Israeli Z56 Gas Mask and Filter
Rare Israeli 1968 Army/Military Z56 Gas Mask and Filter complete kit

New Products

Pet protective shelter with NBC filter
Sale Price: $149.95